Skaven clan rikek logo by zerrnichter-d5hyhj4

Art by Thomas (Zerrnichter [1]) Kempkes.

Rikek was a powerful Warlord Clan that established itself in Nagashizzar, and the mine of Cripple Peak. They enslaved the Humans of Nagash's empire and over the centuries, along with other clans, mined huge amounts of Warpstone to bring back to Skavenblight. Being at the center of this operation, Clan Rikek became very wealthy. However, in their foolish confidence they underestimated the might of Nagash. Centuries later, in -100 IC, Nagash returned with an army of Undead, crushing the clan in but a single night.[1a]

What remained of the clan returned to Skavenblight to bring news of Nagash's return. Beyond that, the final fate of the few survivors is unknown.[1a]


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