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Clan Treecherik

Clan Treecherik are the thralls of Clan Eshin, and they are a murderous, untrustworthy and perfidious clan – even by the dubious standards of the Skaven. Assassination amongst its ranks is rife and such is the risk of an assassin's knife that the warriors of Clan Treecherik always strap their shields across their backs. Furthermore, the clan's warriors tend to wear clothing the colour of Skaven blood – it doesn't pay to let your pack-mates know you're wounded in Clan Treecherik. Far from detrimental to the clan's long term survival, this unremitting killing culls the weak and assures that only the most skilled and ruthless endure. If a Skaven can survive in Clan Treecherik, he is a born survivor and has little to learn from the scheming and plotting of other clans.[1a]


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