Woven from the hair of innocents and dyed with the blood of sorcerers, the Cloak of Twilight is all but invisible to the mortal eye. The cloak has served many masters well along the long centuries. It was this garb that allowed Morathi to keep close watch on the Phoenix Court of Bel Shanaar even from Nagarythe. Centuries later, it had passed from the Hag Sorceress' hands and became the tool that allowed the Master Asassin, Venomblade, to stalk the blood-slicked streets of Tor Elyr as he visited his Night of Screaming Death upon the folk of that great city. Ownership of the Cloak of Twilight guarantees an ambitious Dark Elf the success he craves, but is not without risk. However determined its wearer, there is always a more ruthless pretender, his mind set to steal the cloak's power for his own.[1a][2a]


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