Great Cockatrice

The bizarre Cockatrice search for its prey

The Cockatrice is a magical beast know to petrify those that look directly into its gaze. These beasts are vicious and obviously tainted by Chaos for both their unnatural appearance and for their fierce disposition in battle. A cockatrice is an unsettling and repulsive creature that seldom emerges from its lair. Some say that this is due to the enthusiasm with which Bretonnian Knights hunt and slay them - even the stupidest creature can make out the intentions of a Knight Errant at full flood, and Cockatrices are, if anything, more intelligent than most knights.[1a]

In truth, the Cockatrice is not a bold fighter and prefer to lurk around the fringes of a battlefield where it can safely feast on the dead and dying. Despite the beast's inclination for self-preservation, only a very foolish warrior will corner a Cockatrice. When the beast is desperate, it goes berserk, shrinking and clawing at all who approach it with maddened ferocity that more then compensates for its innard cowardice.[1a]

Whilst the Cockatrice is not so physically fearsome as many other monster, it has the curious ability that makes it equal of even the mightiest Dragon. The Cockatrice can petrify its foes with magical gaze, literally turning them to stone with a glance unless they can evade its sorcerous stare. This ability makes the Cockatrice a deadly opponent, for a warrior must try to vanquish the beast without ever setting sight upon it. Even a glimpse of the Cockatrice's visage is enough of view to prove deadly. And some times they have poisonous claws and even acidic vomit to better help them slay their prey.[1a]

Source Edit

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