Warhammer Crooked Moon Tribe

Emblem of the Crooked Moon Tribe

The Crooked Moon Tribe is one of the largest and most powerful Night Goblin Tribes within the southern Worlds Edge Mountains, holding the great Dwarf Stronghold of Karak Eight Peaks as their capital with Warlord Skarsnik as their leader.[1a]


Before becoming a mighty power amongst the Goblin tribes, the Crooked Moons were just one of many different Tribes which claimed a patch of territory within the ruins of Karak Eight Peaks. During this time, a mighty Goblin Warlord known as Ibrit Dungstrangler, a giant of a Goblin who had a nasty habit of strangling dung in his spare time, was the current leader of the Crooked Moon tribe. The Goblin that would be known as Skarsnik was originally a member of the Backstairz Boyz, a smaller faction within the larger Crooked Moons.[1a]

When Skarsnik was kicked out of his tribe, only to return a few years later with an army of Goblin Wolf Riders, the Crooked Moon Tribe was attacked by a massive Skaven invasion, which split the Crooked Moon under Ibrit Dungstrangler to the East, whilst the remaining tribe was split to the west. Skarsnik eventually gathered together all of these tribes to the West and launched a counter-attack which destroyed the entire Skaven military effort in a single day.[2b]

Knowing that his position was endangered so long as Skarsnik lived, Ibrit Dungstrangler tried to assassinate the would-be Warlord before he became too strong. Unfortunately, Skarsnik was always one step ahead, foiling Ibrit's every attempt and infuriating the Goblin Warlord. Eventually, he got bored of playing games and eventually had the giant Goblin tricked into being devoured by Gobbla some time later. Since then, the fortunes of the Crooked Moon only grew ever larger under the leadership of mighty Skarsnik.[2c]


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