Empire Crusader

Crusader of the Empire

It is perhaps the greatest deed a templar can perform to go to war in the name of the Gods. In ages past, especially during the crusades against Araby, it was unusual for a knight to not go on crusade with his order. But in more recent times crusades are far less common, especially on such a scale.[1a]

Crusaders are those knights who are veterans of crusades, who have earned great glory for their order and faith through their deeds in foreign lands against the enemies of the cult. They are world-wise men, skilled at fighting in all manner of conditions and against all manner of enemies, and many knights who return from crusade find their deeds forever etched in the legends of their order.[1a]

Not all crusaders hail from the nobility or from a knightly order, although it is certainly true that most do. Some are pious men who are mere soldiers, fighting alongside the armies of templars and knights, and their deeds are no less noble despite their lesser status.[1a]


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