Although a Chaos cult can involves a great number of people, only a select few are aware of the organisation's true purpose. This inner circle manipulates the rest, guiding the larger body down into ruin. The diseased heart of any cult is the coven. It includes the true members of the cult who understand their allegiance and actively further the interests of the group. They serve as the Magus' (the cult’s leader) most trusted servants. To become an Acolyte, as many call themselves, they must have earned the mark of whatever God to which the cult owes its allegiance. This sign of favour is instantly recognised by the Magus who, in turn, ushers the individual into the coven.[1a]


Cult Acolytes of Khorne work to spread death and hate. Violent, vicious, and thoroughly wicked, they are the most martially inclined of all cultists. The only thing keeping these individuals from destroying everything around them is their commitment to the goals of their group.[1b]


By preying on the afflicted, the frightened, and the despairing, Acolytes of Nurgle gather flocks of the doomed and dying to lend their strength and belief to the cause of the cult. Thoroughly despicable, these individuals harvest the damned from the most tragic wretches in the Old World.[1c]


Slaanesh's Cult Acolytes are obsessed with self-indulgence and gratifying their every desire. Although morally bankrupt and concerned only with satiating their impulses, they have infectious personalities, rivalled only by those of Nurgle, and are generally attractive and appealing. They are the perfect lures to draw new cultists into the fold.[1d]


There is no defining characteristic of Tzeentch's Acolytes. They may be anyone, anywhere, from the Priest who tends a Shrine of Sigmar to the Magister who has the ear of the Count. These are insidious figures, carefully and covertly orchestrating their plots to bring about the end of the Empire.[1e][1f]


  • Cult Acolyte of Khorne
  • Cult Acolyte of Nurgle
  • Cult Acolyte of Slaanesh
  • Cult Acolyte of Tzeentch


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