The most dangerous cults are those helmed by a Cult Magus. This leader is deeply corrupted by Chaos and bears one of its horrid Rewards. Too twisted to walk among mankind, the Magus must operate behind the scenes, issuing commands and edicts to his Acolytes, who in turn communicate the cult’s wishes to the rest of the organisation.[1a]

Some Magi can communicate directly with their patron, but most must rely on intermediaries such as familiars. These magical creatures are similar to those employed by the Magisters but are always lowly creatures or impish Daemons. A few Magi use magic items that house the essence of a Daemon to bridge the distance between the world of Men and the Realm of Chaos.[1a]


Cult Magi of Khorne are vicious, bloodthirsty villains, who exist only to spread violence and slaughter and to curry the favour of their lord, one day ascending to the ranks of the Daemon Princes. These Cult Magi have tenuous restraint and often explode into violent outbursts, killing everyone they can until they can reassert control over themselves. Khorne's Magi find it difficult to remain hidden in the Empire, so most leave to find their fates in the Chaos Wastes.[1b][1c]


Disgusting, disease-ridden beings, there is little to distinguish the Magi of Nurgle from the Dark God’s Daemons. Covered in oozing sores, lesions, and rotting flesh, the Magi are so foul, to be near them is to invite disaster. They spread their sickness in waves through their chosen territory in waves, until they eventually infect all.[1d]


Life for the Cult Magi of Slaanesh is one of visceral moments, of a constant driving need to live new and awful experiences. The pleasures of the past do nothing for him now, and his appetite for pleasures grows in audaciousness and corruption. He uses his minions to fulfil his weird fantasies and expands their numbers to ensure the flow of sensation never ends.[1e]


Tzeentch's Cult Magi are some of the most fearsome of all cultists. Clear of mind and purpose, they set in motion terrible multi-layered plots to corrode the integrity of the Empire. Most of these corrupted individuals are found in positions of great power and influence.[1f]


  • Cult Magus of Khorne
  • Cult Magus of Nurgle
  • Cult Magus of Slaanesh
  • Cult Magus of Tzeentch


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