The first stage of growth allows the cultivator to add soil to the plot.

Table of Soils
Skill Name Time Reduction +Critical Chance +Special Chance Fail Reduction Acquired
1 Arid Soil -10% 2% Vendor (30c)
1 Rhya's Fertile Loam -10% +20% Ch1-14 + Gunbad PQ Loot Bags
50 Damp Soil -20% 5% Vendor (3s12c)
100 Moistened Soil -30% 10% Vendor (7s50c)
150 Fertile Soil -40% 15% Vendor (11s25c)
200 Aerated Soil -50% 20% Vendor (15s)
200 Rhya's Bountiful Loam -20% +20% Ch15-22 + Bastion Stair PQ Loot Bags

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