Daemon's Stump
Warhammer Daemon's Stump
The Daemons Stump
Vital statistics
Inhabitants Chaos Dwarfs, Greenskin
Type Stronghold
Location South-Eastern Dark Lands
Population Unknown
Allegiance Zharr-Narrund
Industry Mining, Trade, Slavery and Commerce

The Daemon's Stump is a citadel of the Chaos Dwarfs located to the southeast of the Plain of Zharrduk and the dark city of Zharr-Naggrund. It stands on the right bank of River Ruin, on the eastern fringes of the Howling Wastes. It is best known for its slaving operations against caravans going through the trading settlement known as the Sentinels.[1a]


The Daemon's Stump was said to have been formed when the Ogre Tyrant Argut Skullcrusher and the Bloodthirster Baaltor had a great battle in the Dark Lands in the year -2130 IC, lasting 40 days and nights. The Bloodthirster was entombed in a great pillar of rock by the mortally wounded Ogre. That pillar was from then on known as the Daemon's Stump, and later the Chaos Dwarfs erected a fortress on top.[2a]

In 223 IC, Chaos Dwarfs and Daemons fought the Ogres for control over the Daemon's Stump. The Ogres were defeated and routed as they tried to ford the river, whose waters were red for a week after the battle.[3a]


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