Dagger of Bound Souls

Dagger of Bound Souls

The dagger under Karitamen’s headrest is a long, narrow-bladed weapon. It has no guard, but its blade flares out at the top, providing a surface against which the hand can rest. The handle is smooth ebony carved with a crosshatch pattern for better grip. The dagger has no pommel. The blade itself is as dark as iron except for its edge, which glitters almost silver. The runes etched down its length seem reddened, as if they had been rusted into the metal. Anyone familiar with weaponry will realise at once that this blade is meant for stabbing rather than slicing or parrying. It is the weapon of an assassin and cries out to be used.[1a]

History Edit

This rune-covered dagger is the weapon that pierced Karitamen’s defences, killed him, and bound his soul to his body forever. A mad former Priest of Khemri forged this weapon after trading his soul to Chaos in exchange for knowledge and power. The runes along the blade are those of Chaos, and it is their reality-warping strength that enables the weapon to slice through magic so easily and to destroy the link between a soul and the afterlife. After the Priest’s death, the blade vanished but resurfaced several times, each time as the weapon used to end a king or Priest’s life. One of Karitamen’s disgruntled nobles had a cousin in Khemri who had heard of the dagger and mentioned it in passing. That led to the noble’s searching for the weapon and finding it in a small weapon shop in a tiny town with no name. The town disappeared shortly thereafter. Tetrahon the Priest was too late to save Karitamen but arrived in time to confiscate the dagger, and he insisted the murder weapon be entombed with its last victim.[1a]


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