Death Heads of Nurgle Adrian Smith

The Death Heads of Nurgle are common tools of war used by the thralls of the Plaguelord. Taking the skulls of foes they conquer, they cover them with wax mixed with blood to make them watertight. Then they draw pus from a Great Unclean One and pour it into the brain cavity before sealing it with more wax.

The skin of these severed heads are drawn tightly over the skull so that every detail of the bone beneath stands out starkly. Crawling with flies and maggots, such profane relics reek of evil, being used as grenades that erupt with clouds of Neighlish Rot upon hitting the ground. Only servants of Nurgle can handle these Death Heads safely. Anyone else who touches these items automatically contracts the deadly disease.

Source Edit

  • Warhammer Fantasy RPG 2nd ED -- Tome of Corruption (pg. 181).

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