The madhouse of Lembrooke was built by the Physician’s Guild, not to grant succour to the insane, as the priestesses of Shallya do in their hospices, but as a home for the study of the deranged in a secluded location where only the beasts and trees would be able to hear the screams. Lembrooke was run by doctors Feder and Teer, who were at the forefront of their field, using such forward-thinking techniques as trepanation to let the troublesome Daemons out through holes in the skull, thyroid removal, heated brands, and mild poisoning.[1a]

Over the years, a handful of their subjects escaped into the surrounding countryside, but this was only to be expected. The point of building Lembrooke far from civilisation was precisely so that these incidents wouldn’t cause trouble with the neighbours. One of those escapees, who suffered from a case of Feder’s Vexatious Forgetfulness so badly that he only answered to the name of “Nummersieben” because it was written on the door of his cell, wandered in the wilderness until chance crossed his path with that of the Necrarch Dintomaz. Dintomaz sought help with experiments of his own and found Nummersieben to be a useful servant. When Dintomaz discerned from his servant’s ramblings that there was an entire building full of potentially useful servants—and subjects—nearby, he was intrigued.[1a]

For one night the screams of the physicians joined the screams of the patients as Dintomaz made it known that Lembrooke belonged to him and that its inhabitants would serve him, whether living or dead.[1a]

A grander experiment takes place in those dark halls now. In life, Dintomaz had been a necromancer obsessed with contacting the dead, in Undeath he is a master of controlling spirits. By placing the ghosts under his command inside the addled minds of lunatics, he has gained a small army of the living he can control as easily as any Zombie. The Lembrooke lunatics suffer none of the usual weaknesses of the Undead and can easily travel amongst the living, gathering more subjects for Dintomaz and preparing for the day when they cast down the society that cast them out.[1a][1b]

Source Edit

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