Durthu's Wargrove

Durthu's Wargrove

It had been a long time since the treemen of Athel Loren had come to Ulthuan, longer still since they had fought in its defence. They did not come now out of loyalty to the Everqueen, as did the wood elves, but because Durthu ordered that it should be so. Ever since Alarielle's touch had driven away his madness, the eldest of ancients had begun to glimpse fragments of the future - he could see the irreparable damage that the minions of Chaos were wreaking on the Weave. Thus did he awaken those gnarled titans who had fought at his side in ages past - Lorrenoc, Sidhendri, Talbornan and Givrioth - to serve as his lieutenants in an army of spirits greater than any seen for long centuries.[1a]


  • 1: The End Times Vol III: Khaine

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