There are two types of Dwarf alchemists. The first is a non-magical variety that is a member of the Dwarf Engineers' Guild. Long before humans began delving into the mysteries of alchemy, Dwarf alchemists were hard at work within the Engineer's Guild developing gunpowder and other chemicals. However, the alchemy practised by the Dwarfs was not magical in nature, but a scientific process of study and experimentation. These are the ones responsible for developing and manufacturing the various compounds used in Dwarf weaponry, such as gunpowder and the flammable mixture used in fire cannons. They have a long-established tradition within the Guild, and have the same mistrust of magic as any other Imperial Dwarf in Karaz Ankor and the other Dwarf realms. Therefore Dwarf alchemists differ from their human counterparts in very specific ways. For example, a these Dwarf alchemist cannot cast spells.[1a][1b]

In contrast, Expatriate Dwarfs are more likely to be trained by human alchemists. They can still find employment in the Dwarf Engineer Guilds of the Empire and Marienburg, as the Expatriate Engineers are more forgiving of magic use in the area of alchemy (though they are less likely to hire a human alchemist if a Dwarfen one is available; tolerance only goes so far). Like Expatriate Dwarf wizards, these alchemists are less powerful magically than their human counterparts, but otherwise they are just as skilled and knowledgeable.[1a]


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