"We sons of Grungni may have drunk deep from the bitter waters of misfortune, but we yet survive. Whilst a single Dwarf draws breath, we will fight the evils that assail us, and we will never, ever give up."
—Hengist Stonebelly[2a]
Dwarf Lord

A Dwarf Lord standing over the corpse of his fallen enemy

A Dwarf Lord is amongst the strongest and most powerful individuals within a Dwarf army, having been promoted as supreme commander for being a magnificent leader, an extraordinary tactician, and having one of the longest beards within the entire army. These fell-handed warriors are equipped with the finest arms and armor within his clan, whom have been known to fight at the forefront of the army, inspiring his comrades in the face of overwhelming odds. As a rule, Dwarf Lords are a grim sort, for they are the leaders of a dour people. Upon their broad shoulders is carried the weight of untold debt, the inherited grudges of a long-suffering and unforgiving race. It is their duty to avenge all wrongdoings to their clan, their hold, and their entire race, not just in the present, but also for all time.[1a]

Every Dwarf Lord started out as a Thane, whom are the patriarchs of a Dwarf Clan. For a Thane to progress and become a Dwarf Lord, he must be well tutored in the ways of their ancient foes, absorb a great wealth of wisdom, and be a bearer of royal blood. Such wisdom includes being a master of tactics and strategy, learning to wield the armored might of their throngs as well as they wield an axe and shield. All Dwarfs take great pride in their possessions, but none more so than the ruling class. Not only is a Dwarf Lord a potential candidate as the next King of a Karak since he is a bearer of royal blood, he is also, depending upon wealth or clan, be equipped with some of the mightiest runic weapons and armor around. It is an honor amongst the Dwarfs to bear such relics of war into battle, for each item is passed down from their forefathers, an ancient legacy in its own right. Covered in runes and bristling with arcane might, each of the Dwarf Hold's relics have a long history of great deeds and great feats.[1a]

When a Dwarf Lord leads his Throng into battle, the Lord is often situated within the very center of the army, where he is surrounded by an entire retinue of Hammerer bodyguards. It is here where the Dwarf Lord is to take command and direct his army as he would direct the blow of an axe. Should it be needed, a Dwarf Lord would personally march towards the frontline and fight alongside his kinsmen, inspiring those around him with great vigor that could possibly be enough to win even the most hard-fought battles. A strong and powerful individual, a Dwarf Lord is the personification of a truly magnificent leader.[1a]


  • 8th Edition. (with Winged Helm & Axe)
  • 8th Edition. (with Horned Helm & Hammer)
  • 8th Edition. (with Hammer & Shield)
  • 8th Edition. (with Axe & Pistol)
  • 8th Edition. (with Great Weapon)
  • 8th Edition. (with Army Battle Standard Banner)
  • 8th Edition. (with Hammer & Shield - on Oath Stone)
  • 8th Edition. (Champion)
  • 6th Edition. (with Full Armored & Great Axe)


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