Warhammer Eicheschatten
Map of Eicheschatten
Vital statistics
Inhabitants Halflings
Type Provincial Capital
Location Old World, Empire of Man, Mootland
Population 3375
Allegiance Elder of the Moot
Industry Agriculture, Beer, Trade, Government

Eicheschatten, the capital of the Mootland is utterly unprepossessing at first glance. After a longer examination, one’s opinion is confirmed. Home to the Elder of the Mootland, which is the title preferred by Halflings as “Grand Count” sounds “too posh,” Eicheschatten is a collection of winding lanes along the banks of the Aver Reach at the end of the road from Wördern and Halstedt. Cottages and homes with extensive gardens in the back mix randomly with smiths and other businesses, which usually have the family quarters above them. The Halflings love bright colours, so the buildings are often garishly decorated in colours that make visitors wonder about their hosts’ eyesight. All are scaled to a Halfling’s build too, although inns have special rooms constructed for bigger folk.[1a]

The residence of the Elder is situated in the centre of town, next to the public green. Although officially designated a “palace,” the building is a simple two-story house of wood with a sod roof — and sometimes a goat grazing up there, if the grass has grown too long. The Throne Room is a simple but comfortable parlour where the Elder entertains all his official guests. Magnus the Pious stayed there on his way to the war in Kislev and is said to have had the most comfortable sleep of his life. Elder Hisme herself rarely stays there, however. A widow, it is too big for her needs. She prefers to stay at her farm outside of town “where a body can get some practical work done, and have m’own outhouse!”[1a]

As the centre of government, Eicheschatten is also where the General Moot of the Halflings meets once every three years. Open to all Halflings whether they live in the Moot or elsewhere, the Moot meets to decide questions of policy for the province, pass what few laws are needed, choose the Elder for the next three years (they have re-elected Hisme at the last ten Moots, a record, though she is thinking of retiring), and have a grand time while seeing old friends and swapping hard cider recipes.[1a]

The General Moot also acts as a court of final appeal in the Mootland, where cases that cannot be resolved at the local level are heard. Most often these are disputes over land or water rights, or an unpaid debt. Sometimes, however, a crime is more serious. Murder, while rare, does happen. Although the penalty for murder in the rest of the Empire is death by hanging, the Halflings instead prefer eternal banishment, on pain of death by stoning should the person ever return. This sentence must be affirmed at the General Moot. Humans or other non-Halflings found guilty of serious crimes are turned over to Averland or Stirland authorities for sentencing under their laws.[1a]

Source Edit

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