Eladio Solorzano has a bright and winning smile, which frequently shines out from the dusky recesses of his fine features. His shaggy black hair and dark skin mark him as clearly not being of Reiklander descent. He is of medium build, but he moves with the grace of a cat, lightly hopping on the balls of his feet. Eladio likes to play the part of the fiery Estalian to the hilt, as he knows most Reiklanders find it entertaining, and since they’ve come to expect it, they ask him fewer questions for fear of his “quick Estalian temper.” Thus, despite the fact he can speak perfectly fluent Reikspiel and is totally in control of his emotions, he purposefully puts on an Estalian accent and occasionally goes off on wild rages at ridiculously trivial concerns, such as mud on his boots.[1a]

When he is working as a fishmonger, he gives off no indication to anyone of what he does at night. Those that encounter him in his element meet a very different Eladio. Poised, assured, and efficient, he swiftly delivers his charges through the tunnels of the Taalbaston. If trouble looms, he fights at the forefront without hesitation, as he deems that he is honour bound to deliver his cargo safely—and Estalians prize their honour highly.[1a]


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