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Elanardris were the lands of the ancient Anar House, princes of Nagarythe. The Shadow-King of Nagarythe, Alith Anar, was the last living descendant of these lands. The Druchii razed Elanardris when Malekith betrayed the Phoenix Throne.

Source Edit

  • Shadow King (Novel), by Gav Thorpe
    • Part One
      • Chapter One
      • Chapter Two
      • Chapter Three
      • Chapter Four
      • Chapter Five
      • Chapter Six
    • Part Two
      • Chapter Seven
      • Chapter Eight
      • Chapter Nine
      • Chapter Eleven
      • Chapter Twelve
      • Chapter Thirteen
    • Part Three
      • Chapter Fifteen
      • Chapter Sixteen
      • Chapter Seventeen
      • Chapter Eighteen
      • Chapter Nineteen
      • Chapter Twenty-Three
      • Chapter Twenty-Four
      • Chapter Twenty-Five

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