Elgrom has always been dissatisfied with his position among his own people. Born a distant relative of the Skalf clan, he spent his early days at court. Longing for a high-ranking position in the hold, he was devastated and bitter when passed over for another. Angry and frustrated, he decided to get revenge on the very nobles who had spurned him.[1a]

His first move was to convince his one-time allies, nobles in the court, to invest in a spent mining operation. Elgrom knew the mine was worthless, and pocketed all of their investment money. Though the mine was revealed to be a failure a few years later, none of his friends suspected the Dwarf's treachery. With this success, Elgrom’s talents at deception grew, leading him to want more and more. Then he heard the stories of a long-lost Dwarf god being spun by some scholar named Hegakin. He immediately saw a way to use this idea. He thought, What better way to fleece the foolish nobles than to do it in the name of religion?

Although that was Elgrom’s goal going in, Hegakin quickly seduced him, revealing the truth behind the new religion. At first Elgrom was offended, but his greedy mind saw the promise of power and wealth, and so he agreed to help the scholar maintain the religion for a cut of the take. Hegakin took Elgrom to the hidden altar far beneath the hold and bade him touch the altar. Though suspicious, he foolishly touched the wet surface and was likewise corrupted, his soul forever lost to Slaanesh. The god deceived Elgrom into thinking he would be rewarded with the lordship of the hold itself if he could convince enough Dwarfs to unwittingly worship Slaanesh. Elgrom has been doing that with a vengeance. Even Chaos mutations and the warnings of Hegakin do not deter him. His goal is to corrupt enough of the nobles and wealthy Dwarfs in the hold so he can one day become the Lord of Karak Azgal. Slaanesh knows well how to feed this kind of ambition with false promises.[1a]

To hide his tail and wings, Elgrom wears an ornate oversized hooded cloak and robes. All of his fingernails have been gilded with gold in honour of Slaanesh. If attacked, he seeks the protection of his temple guards, but fights with his tail and his rapier should he be cornered. If things go badly he exposes his wings and attacks from the air, fleeing if he can.[1a]


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