Ellinill is the Elven god of Disaster, and the Lord of Destruction. Together with his children, they form the Ellinilli.[1a]

Legends tell that Ellinill once had more than one hundred offspring, each of whom had inherited an aspect of his destructive nature. Together, father and progeny inflicted all manner of disasters upon the world, reveling in the harm they unleashed upon the Elves. Ellinill was proud of his children, but he was also paranoid, and worried that they might conspire to supplant him. Individually, the offspring were no match for their sire, but the Lord of Destruction was wary of their combined power, and so watched them closely.[1a]

Finally, Isha could bear the suffering of the Elves no more, and pleaded with the other gods to curtail the actions of the Ellinilli. All save one refused to heed her, for they were all wary of provoking Ellinill's wrath. Only Loec the Trickster answered Isha's plea, and he soon deceived Ellinill into believing that the long-feared betrayal had arrived. Upon hearing Loec's words, the Lord of Destruction flew into a rage and, one by one, hunted down and consumed his children, reclaiming the facets of destruction they had once embodied. Yet the battles had weakened Ellinill, and he would never again know the level of godly might he once enjoyed.[1a]

Of all the Ellinilli, only five survived: Addaioth, Bringer of Wrath and Fire; Estreuth, Herald of Famine and Drought; Hukon the Sunderer; Mathlann, King of Storm and Sea; and Drakira, Queen of Vengeance. They hid themselves in the mortal world, and have never returned to the heavens lest they join in their siblings' fate.[1a]

Source Edit

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