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"No more, good friend. I think you have proven yourself worthy of our order. You are setting down a path that can lead to great glory or great tragedy. There is nothing more for you to study in the ways of fighting. Now you must study your own heart."
—Loremaster Belannaer, teaching Eltharion[2a]
Warhammer Eltharion

Eltharion the Grim, the legendary Warden of Tor Yvresse

Eltharion the Grim, Prince of Yvresse and Warden of Tor Yvresse, is one of the greatest of all Elven lords. Many times has he achieved what would have been thought impossible. It was Eltharion who was the first of Ulthuan's generals to dare an assault on Naggarond itself and live to speak of it, and he who finally brought about the defeat of Waaagh! Grom. For his valour in that battle, Eltharion was elected Warden of Tor Yvresse and, though he is a dour ruler, the people of that fair city love him dearly. Eltharion's early rule was split equally between scouring greenskins from the land, and overseeing repairs to Yvresse's network of waystones.[1a]

In the first task, Eltharion was aided by the nobles of his realm, who rallied to his banner with an enthusiasm not seen for many long generations. In the second, he sought the assistance of the Loremaster Belannaer. Though Eltharion had successfully stabilised the waystone of Tor Yvresse, he felt that luck had guided his hand rather more than judgement in that task, and he did not wish to see ill-fortune or rashness on his part destroy Ulthuan. With his realm thus secured, Eltharion took his blade overseas; not to the chill shores of Naggaroth in the west, but east to the lands of the Old World and beyond. Yvresse had but barely endured the onset of one Waaagh!, and Eltharion swore that no other would reach Ulthuan's shores. Atop his Griffon, Stormwing, Eltharion swept through the Badlands like a wind of blades.[1a]

He slaughtered Warbosses and ran their armies to ruin. He toppled Orc fortresses that had survived earthquakes, Bretonnian crusades and the vengeance of the Dwarfs. Yet, miraculously, there always seemed more greenskins for him to fight. Finally, Eltharion learned the truth. His reputation had spread so far and wide that Warbosses were actually seeking his army, knowing that the "Pointy-'ead" would "give 'em a proper fight." This revelation ended Eltharion's battles in the Badlands. He now knew that to continue would not abate the greenskin threat. Returning to Yvresse, Eltharion began to train its armies and fortify its cities as never before. The next time a Waaagh! made landfall on the shores of Ulthuan, the folk of Yvresse — and their grim Warden — would be ready for them.[1a]

Wargear Edit

  • Fangsword of Eltharion - This rune-encrusted longsword has been passed down through Eltharion's family for generations.[1a]
  • Helm of Yvresse - The Helm of Yveresse is the ceremonial crown of the Wardne of that proud city.[1a]
  • Talisman of Hoeth - This finely wrought medallion allows its wearers a measure of the original Warden's magical knowledge.[1a]


  • Eltharian


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