Empire Battle Wizard

An Empire Battle Wizard on the field of battle

Empire Battle Wizards serve as the main spell-casters for the armies of the Empire, and are usually licensed and taught by the trusted Wizard Lords of the Colleges of Magic. Wizards are strange figures to the people of the Empire, who wield arcane magical powers and are privy to secrets beyond the ken of normal folk. Having been trained at the Colleges of Magic in Altdorf for many long years, arcane power courses through the Wizards' veins and lurks behind their hooded eyes. No sane inhabitant of the Empire willingly courts the attention of a Wizard, for they are unpredictable and, some believe, damned by the magic they can wield. The services of a willing Wizard are much desired by the Elector Counts, as many of their enemies make use of shamans, corrupt Necromancers, or powerful Chaos Sorcerers.[1a]

Such foes bend the Winds of Magic to destructive and usually malevolent ends and only those similarly skilled in the arcane arts can stand against their power. Battle Wizards of varying Orders have the ability to hurl bolts of lightning at the foe, confound them with illusions, or steal away their will to fight. Each of the Lores of Magic has the power to smite the enemies of the Empire in a variety of different way and it is a rare Imperial army that goes to war without at least one Battle Wizard accompanying it. To be a Wizard is to understand the power that truly drives the world and though each Wizard can bend only one of the eight Winds of Magic to his will, such power is never wielded lightly, for to lose control of one's magic is to condemn one's soul to damnation as a plaything of the Ruinous Powers.[1a]


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