Empire Great Cannon

An abandoned but fully functional Great Cannon

The Empire Great Cannons of the Imperial Gunnery School are the terror of the Empire's foes. Great Cannons are among the largest of the mobile cannons built and employed by the armies of the Empire, and are used extensively as the main artillery. The Great Cannons of the Empire were first invented by the ingenuous designers of the College of Engineers. This cannon is one of the most successful weapons ever invented by the Empire, able to sow terror and destruction upon any battlefield.[1a]

Their thunderous fire has the potential to send large iron balls hammering into tightly-packed ranks of enemy infantry, with even the mightiest of creatures unable to survive a direct clean shot from these iron behemoths. The ultimate power of the Empire Great Cannon was demonstrated at the siege of Middenheim, when Master Gunner Pumhart von Steyr decapitated a rampaging Dragon with a single well-placed shot. Though the cannon may at times malfunction, or in some cases even explode, should an experienced Master Engineer take command of the cannon crew, it is certain that their shots have the potential to turn the tides of many battlefield.[1a]


  • 7~8th Edition
  • 5th Edition
  • Warmaster


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