Empire Ironfist

Empire Ironfist

The Ironfist is the second Imperial adaptation of the trusty Wargalley. Most of its hull is taken up with a huge mortar, whose squat muzzle points ominously skyward. Ironfists don't often venture far out to sea as their principle role is the demolition of enemy coastal towns.[1a]

Although invented by the scientists of the Empire, Ironfists are used both by and against many of the nations of the Old World, for whenever cities are built beside a river the Ironfist can bring immense firepower to bear on an otherwise inaccessible position.[1a]

On occasion, however, Ironfists have been used to great effect in a number of famous sea battles. In such confrontations the Men O' War and Ships of the Line advance toward their prey, while the Ironfists in the rear lay down a screen of heavy duty cannonballs.[1a]

As most mortars mounted in the hull of the Ironfists fire almost vertically upwards, and are powered by a great quantity of gunpowder, they are able to shoot over the masts and sails of the ships in front. With skilled gunnery, accurate targeting signals, and a lot of luck, the Ironfists can inflict a great deal of damage upon an enemy they cannot see, while being protected by the ships in front![1a]


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