Empire War Wagon

An Empire War Wagon of monstrous size.

The Empire War Wagon is an extremely heavy version of a chariot, a mobile armored battle tower with a crew of six warriors, pulled by two sturdy warhorses. The high walls of the tower protect its crew from arrows and attacks from the ground. War Wagons are a movable platform from which it either transports Empire soldiers through the battlefield or provides a vantage point for units of archers, crossbowmen, and handgunners to shoot the enemy. Its crew can also be armed with a variety of experimental weaponry from the arsenal of the Imperial Gunnery School. War Wagons can install a piece of artillery into its tower, which provides the artillery with adequate speed and the Empire army with devastating firepower.[1a]

As of today, the use of War Wagons within the battlefields of the Empire is now obsolete. However it has been known that War Wagons are refitted to serve as either an Arcane Battle Altar or a War Altar of Sigmar. In the past, War Wagons varied greatly in their size, with some War Wagons being only as large as an over-sized hay-cart, while others were the size of an Empire fortress. As of now, War Wagons have been replaced with the newer and more heavily armored Steam Tank.[1a]


  • 4th Edition.
  • 4th Edition. (Crew Members)


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