Border Princes Enforcer

An Enforcer in the Border Princes

Enforcers wander the Border Princes, providing justice or, failing that, vengeance. Or sometimes they just provide random violence, because anyone can make a mistake. On the whole, however, Enforcers have a code of right and wrong that they uphold. They pay no attention to the legal authority of princes or, indeed, to law, relying entirely on their own sense of ethics and ability to uncover true villains. Most Enforcers regard rogue Enforcers as the blackest of villains because their actions mean that any Enforcer is at risk of being run out of an area.[1a]

Enforcers are almost never found outside the Border Princes because the authorities elsewhere take a very dim view of people taking the law into their own hands. The authorities in the Border Princes do, too, but they generally can’t do anything about it.[1a]


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