Young Bretonnian knights spend a period as Knights Errant, seeking out dangers in which to prove themselves. Only those who succeed can become Knights of the Realm. The King of Bretonnia can channel this custom by declaring an Errantry War, a grand campaign that qualifies all knightly participants for a higher status.

The first such war was declared in 471 (1449 IC), against the Arabyans who had invaded Estalia. The invaders were driven back, and a second army, which heard of the victory en route, turned aside to clear Greenskins from the lands that became the Border Princes. From this time of war, relations between Bretonnia and the Dwarfs have been good, though not nearly as close as those between the Dwarfs and the Empire.

The Errantry War declared in 1223 (2201 IC) had the aim of driving all Orcs from Bretonnia. Whilst this goal was always impossible, such was the ardour of Bretonnia's knights that the borders of the Dukedoms grew to encompass many mountain ranges that had previously been the domain of Greenskins.

In an attempt to emulate his predecessor, King Charlen declared an Errantry War in 1442 (2420 IC) that aimed to rid the entire world of Greenskins. So many knights left on the war that Bretonnia itself was left vulnerable to Orc raids. In 1510 (2488 IC), a mighty host of knights vanished in Death Pass, said to have been slain by the Black Orc warlord Morglum Necksnapper. The King then declared the Errantry War at an end.

Sources Edit

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