Esmerelda, as depicted in 1st Edition.

The most popular Halfling deity, Esmerelda is the Goddess of Hearth and Home. Worship of Esmerelda is free of strictures and demands for worship, and her only rite of note is Pie Week, (in)famous throughout the Empire for its gluttonous excesses. During Pie Week, if at no other time of the year, Halflings can be said to be devout to the core of their being.[1a]

Symbols Edit

Esmerelda's symbol is a triangle over a horizontal line, representing the home and also the hearth. Her clerics wear ceremonial aprons embroidered with this symbol.[2a]

Original Strictures Edit

  • Never refuse food to the hungry.[2a]
  • Never use cooking utensils for anything else.[2a]
  • Never water ale down.[2a]
  • Never eat less than three quarters a meal a day.[2a]
  • Never do anything strenouos after a meal.[2a]
  • Never leave anything unattended while it is cooking.[2a]

Source Edit

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