Everast Sentinels

Everast Sentinels

The Everast Sentinels were Prince Dannor's household guard. In the preceding decades, their record was an honourable and storied one, replete with tales of valiant battle against Naggarothi corsairs and the beasts of the Annulii. Such days were naught but a memory, so cruel had the Everast Sentinels become, but those who stand tallest often have furthest to fall. Like many Cothiqui regiments during the End Times, the Everast Sentinels eschewed the traditional sea blues of their kingdom in favour of the deeper shades sported by Lothern and Sapherian regiments. This change was wrought in imitation of Tyrion, who, even though his family hailed from Cothique, always bore Lothern colours, out of respect to Finubar the Seafarer.[1a]


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