Exalted Daemons are mortals, most often Chaos Warriors who have given their soul to a Lesser Daemon of Chaos. Possession is among the various calamities that can befall a mortal in the Old World. Some mortals willingly embrace possession, seeing it as a doorway to incredible power. Indeed, those mortals found worthy to host such a monster find their capabilities much improved, but at a terrible price. The possessing Daemon slowly devours the soul, feeding off the life energy to sustain its presence in the mortal world, some Exalted Daemons seem to be able to live indefinitely however, conquering the Daemon within and becoming fearsome warleaders. Exalted Deamons are some of the mightiest fighters amongst the Warriors of Chaos, whilst not as powerful as the mighty Daemon Princes, they display similarities in abilities and appearance, often acting as terrifying leaders or lieutenants for their more powerful brethren. The ancient Daemon Prince Urlfdaemonkin is known for gifting his mortal descendants with Exalted Daemonhood.[1][2]

Exalted Bloodthirsters Edit

Bloodthirsters are the most deadly of all Khorne's Daemons -- they are fury given form and slaughter made manifest. Yet even amongst Bloodthirsters, the supreme deathbringers of the Blood God, there are some who stand apart. The most ferocious of thier kind have been blessed by almighty Khorne himself, and are known as Exalted Bloodthirsters.[3a]

To have basked in the fiery rage of the Blood God, to be knighted by his double-handed sword, to then join the ranks of the Lord of Battle's honour guard is an unmatched mark of distinction. Such divine tribute swells the already immense Bloodthirsters to colossal proportions, their gigantic forms spilling out so much bloodlust that the air around them ripples if overheated from some supernatural furnace.[3a]

An Exalted Bloodthirster can only cross from the Realm of Chaos into the material world through exceptionally large rifts, such that only occur in the most calamitous of events. When the veil is so torn that he can push through the barriers, an Exalted Bloodthirster announces his arrival by bellowing his presence with the sound of a thousand thunderclaps. This is a blood challenge -- a call to battle for anything that can hear his roar. Sparks and black smoke issue forth from his nostrils and his iron-hard hooves smite unnatural power. Single-handedly a match for an entire army, an Exalted Bloodthirster seeks only to fight, to unleash his limitless rage in combat unbridled, and to claim a veritable mountain of skulls for his insatiable master.[3a]

Notable Exalted Daemons Edit

  • Grydal, Scourge of the South - Chieftain of the Snaegr Tribe and direct descendant of the ancient Urlfdaemonkin.

Sources Edit

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