Your patron God finds you worthy of housing a Greater Daemon. Your soul is blasted away into fragments that will drift for eternity in the Realm of Chaos. Your body, however, undergoes a shocking transformation as the Daemonic essences takes control.[1a]

Possession is among the various calamities that can befall a mortal in the Old World. Some mortals willingly embrace possession, seeing it as a doorway to incredible power. Indeed, those mortals found worthy to host such a monster find their capabilities much improved, but at a terrible price. The possessing Daemon devours the soul, feeding off the life energy to sustain its presence in the mortal world. Over time, the being that once existed is annihilated, leaving only the flesh for the Daemon to use and exploit as it wishes.[1a]

Most cases of possession involve a Lesser Daemon, and these creatures remain just long enough to destroy the spirit of the host before retreating back to the Realm of Chaos. But when possession occurs by a Greater Daemon, the effects are always devastating to the mortal spirit, annihilating it utterly.[1a]


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