Prosthetic Weapon

A Prosthetic Weapon.

The leading luminary in the field of prosthetics is, by his own declaration, Friedrich von Finklemann, late of Nuln. Amongst his triumphs was a clockwork hand that could open and close (proper timing during meals is essential) and a false leg for the leading lady of the Nuln Imperial Theatre, which nobody noticed until the day she died when it failed during an up-tempo dance routine.[1a]

Sadly, Von Finklemann’s Rocket-Assisted Leaping Legs proved disastrously unsuccessful and Herr von Finklemann has felt obliged to relocate to someplace more out-of-the-way. Those who wish to make use of his services may find rumours of his latest inventions appearing in the streets of Ubersreik.[1a]

His most famous innovation is certainly Von Finklemann’s Fantabulous Finger-Gun, several copies of which have been made. Sadly, even this wondrous device is marred by tragedy, as one worn by the absent-minded Graf Thomas von Grunhoven was left loaded during a formal ball and discharged directly into the chest of his cousin and rival, Gregor von Grunhoven, during introductions and salutations. Gregor was killed instantly, leaving a wealthy widow who fortunately was soon wed by Graf Thomas.[1a]

Prosthetic Weapons Edit

Several weapons for prosthetic arms are described below. A sword arm is little different to a hook, except for the blade on the end. It is unwieldy and utterly impractical away from the battlefield. Wearing a weapon prosthetic counts as wielding a melee weapon. A gauntlet describes any sort of prosthetic hand with a heavy metal or wooden end fashioned to look like a hand but also able to deliver a telling blow. This includes Von Finklemann’s Fantabulous Finger-Gun and the Golden Hand. Having a prosthetic made to look like standard armour vambrace and gauntlet costs little more than the armour it would replace.[1b]

A shield arm can be fashioned to look like the wielder is holding a shield. In reality, the shield is strapped securely to the shoulder, and it offers little movement, but it can come in handy in battle. Wearing a shield arm does not count as being equipped with a shield.[1b]

Source Edit

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