Faceless Bretonnia

A Faceless

All bands of Herrimaults have a leader; if a group gathers by chance, either a leader arises or the group fragments once more. Successful bands of Herrimaults are almost always led by a Faceless, an individual highly experienced in the pursuit of right and justice by unconventional means.[1a]

Faceless, unlike conventional Outlaw Chiefs, rarely have to worry about being stabbed in the back by their own followers. Similarly, most encourage potential Faceless in their band to develop and then establish their own group. Ethics have their advantages.[1a]

On the other hand, they have to keep their band fed, find shelter, and right wrongs, all without stepping over the ethical lines that they set for themselves. Eventually, some find the pressure too great.[1a]

Most Faceless cultivate an air of mystery, wearing a deep hood to hide their features. Some are rumoured to be powerful nobles, even Grail Knights, righting wrongs they cannot publicly acknowledge.[1a]


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