The battle at Fedokova’s Isle is recorded as a note in particularly comprehensive histories of Kislev. A rota of winged lancers and a unit of kossars were cut off by a particularly large raiding party and took refuge on this island, and they mounted a defence while riders went for help. Alas, the riders were intercepted, and the defenders, at length, were slaughtered to the last man.[1a]

The ghosts of the Kislevite warriors still defend the island, driving back any who try to land on it. It may be possible to convince them that Humans are allies, in which case the ghosts might help defeat pursuers. Some of the Undead here retain much of their wits and can be persuaded to help in a good cause. They can also work out when they have been tricked.[1a]

Source Edit

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    • 1a: pg. 53

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