200px-Fiend of Slaanesh

The Hunting Beasts of Slaanesh are a foul race of Daemonic creatures. Spawned from the mad mind of the Serpent, these creatures combine several traits of scorpion, human and reptile to become some unholy abomination. The main body of the Fiend (also known as a Beast of Slaanesh, Bestial, Ram of Slaanesh, or Unholy One) is white or some other pastel hue and segmented, ending in a broad stinger tail that drips with venom.[1a]

Four roughly humanoid legs branch out from the rear body to give the creature stability. From the front of the lithe body grows a humanoid torso covered in a row of breasts and a pair of arms. The Fiend’s head is reptilian, not too unlike that of a monitor lizard, but with a longer prehensile tongue. Its emerald, alien eyes perch on either side of its head, rolling about in its skull.[1a]

Fiends are base creatures that scour the Chaos Wastes in search of victims (innocent or otherwise) to torment. Barely above the mutated predators that share the same grounds in terms of intellect, these things are vicious omnivores, taking great pleasure in sampling the flesh of their still-living victims.[1a]

Source Edit

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