Fire Mouth

The Fire Mouth is the Ogre God of Fire and Volcanoes, and the supposed offspring of the Great Maw. Every so often the skies of the Ogre Kingdoms are thrown into turmoil, set alight by the volcano the Ogres call the Fire Mouth. Located near the centre of their mountainous realm, the vast conical edifice is considered by Ogres to be the offspring of an unholy alliance between the Great Maw and the sun. As a result, the Fire Mouth is itself a god, given reverence by all Ogres and especially worshiped by those tribes that have witnessed the power of its titanic eruptions. The volcano even has its own blazing priests, the Firebellies. The majority of the Firebellies cluster in a small tribe at the foot of their molten-hearted god where they lead many rituals. After years of service to their god, Firebellies often become possessed with wanderlust and will join other tribes throughout the Ogre Kingdoms, or even travel to far distant realms. Along the way, Firebellies will spread the word of their angry god before returning, leading a pilgrimage of many Ogres. Never truly at rest, the Fire Mouth periodically bubbles and spits thick streams of lava down its sides like an over brimming meat pot. Its major eruptions are always seen by the Ogres as a sign that it is time for war.[1a]

Source Edit

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