The Fire Wine is stored in slender lead bottles and tastes a bit like icy lemonade with a slight earthy undertone. It has a sparkling aftertaste not unlike champagne. However, anyone that drinks a single cup of it that is neither insane, a Wizard, nor has Magister relations within two generations will immolate in three days.[1a]

There is no way to survive such an inner fire. Of course, if someone drinks a whole bottle, the damn stuff works. Such drinker can move into either the Hedge Wizard or Apprentice Wizard careers easily, regardless of their actual career exits. Halflings and Dwarfs are not affected by the wine. Those belonging to the other categories have mystic energy build up insides themselves that must be bled off. Those without the requisite magic skills eventually explode into a 30-foot diameter ball that destroys everything around them (or sucks it into the Realm of Chaos). Wizards have a trickier time of it—the next 10 spells that a Wizard casts after they consume Fire Wine, regardless of how much or how little, have a high probability of Chaos manifestations.[1a]


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