Flagellant Orders

One of the Flagellant Orders with flails

This group of weapons consists of any hafted weapon to which a chain and a weight is attached. The benefit of these weapons is the speed a warrior can swing it, the ability to wrap the chain around his opponents’ limbs and pull them close, and the extra damage they deal. A whole host of options are available for these weapons, some featuring several chains and weights, called flails, or studded or spiked balls for weights, or any other variations of these tried and true weapons. A flail with just one chain and ball is called a morning star, is less encumbering, and deals less damage than the flail.[1a]

The most famous warriors to wield the flails are the Flagellants of Sigmar. Comprised of a motley group of beggars, vagabonds, and bandits, the Flagellants of Sigmar are all mad, driven so by the ever-present threat of Chaos to the north, the random plagues spread by the dreaded Skaven, and other horrors of the Old World. Hordes of these zealots travel the road between towns and cities, led by an equally insane priest who preaches the impending doom of the apocalypse. These men are nearly as horrible as those who serve Chaos, as disease is rampant among their numbers and most are infested with insects and worse. Some lords use the Flagellants in their armies, relying on their crazed natures to stand fast before the terrors who oppose the Empire.[1a]


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