The Fleshgreeders are an Ogre tribe that lives to the far north of the Ogre Kingdoms, where the Mountains of Mourn meet the Chaos Wastes.[1a]

The Fleshgreeders, led by their immense Tyrant Nogflag the Gouted, pile everything in a conquered territory that can't be carried off or immediately eaten into a single immense mound before erecting a crude throne atop it. Nogflag then climbs the pile to sit imperiously atop the throne during the victory feast. Following the festivities, the Ogres stomp off, leaving their enormous monument of destruction behind, clearly marked with their tribal symbols. When the Fleshgreeders leave the Mountains of Mourn, it is possible to follow their trail - for they leave behind them mounds of the various villages, fortresses, lairs and strongholds they dismantle.[1b]


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