Heraldry of Montfort.

Folcard of Montfort is something of an anomaly among the Dukes of Bretonnia. He is a fearsome warrior, but he hardly ever fights on horseback. The mountains that cover his dukedom severely limit mounted combatants, and the Duke accepts no limits in his pursuit of the Greenskins that infest his lands.[1a]

Duke Folcard is possibly the Bretonnian Duke most loved by his people. He genuinely seems to care about peasant villages and tries to relieve them when they are attacked by Goblinoids. He has set up a network of signal beacons across the mountains — which means relief forces arrive more often than not — and the Duke goes in person if he can. Once he has relieved a village, he establishes an impromptu court to hear any complaints of unjust treatment and sets things to rights.[1a]

The Duke is a tall man with dark hair cropped very close and an intense, fierce glare. Many Montfortian peasant girls dream about their Duke, as do most of the noble women.[1a]

Source Edit

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