The Forest of Shadows is one of the five largest forests located within the Empire's northern borders, mostly covering the territory of the Imperial Province of Ostland. Just like the neighboring forest of Drakwald, the Forest of Shadows is amongst the most dangerous places for Mankind's civilizations, for this region lies directly in the path of marauding armies of raiders heading south from the lands of the Far North. Due to its close proximity to the north, and the untamable landscape of tall tree canopy, this region of Forest is heavily infested with Bandits, Greenskins, Beastmen, and Chaos Warriors of a certain Invasion Force that were repulsed and took refuge within the Forest.

With this constant danger from attacks and the extreme overgrowth of vegetation, as you would expect, there is very little antiquate farmlands or valuable resources to be made, resulting in a comparable weak economy. As such, the Province of Ostland is notoriously poor compared to other northern province such as Ostermark and Middenland. However, the Ostlanders have always been a stubborn people, and after enduring countless invasions from the hated Northerners, the people of Ostland truly became a community of survivalist and after battles-end, these people have always taken up the tools of civilizations and begin rebuilding their homeland once more.


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