Frogwives are a common sight in Mousillon’s villages. They take the buckets of snails and frogs caught by the village Swampaires (often their husbands, sons, or fathers) and gut them long into the evening. A Frogwife is not only an expert at the gutting and cleaning of frogs and snails, but also forms a crucial part of a village’s social structure. Frogwives tend to be relatively knowledgeable about the surrounding world, sometimes being permitted to leave the village for short periods of time to find useful herbs or other essentials from neighbouring villages. Some Frogwives are experts in the use of herbs, folk medicine, or some other esoteric but useful pursuit. It is a rare Frogwife who does not know the majority of what is going on in her village, and Frogwives have a deserved reputation as gossips, storytellers, and the originators of many strange superstitions. A Frogwife is almost always a woman, and it is a great shame for a man to labour at the swamp bucket.[1a]


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