Fyr Darric

Heraldry of Fyr Darric

Fyr Darric
, the Trickster's Wood, is a High Realm of Athel Loren, ruled by Lady Heggria of the Masque. Fyr Darric is Loec the Trickster’s holy ground within Athel Loren, the site of many shrines to his anarchic glory. Here too can be found the Feast Halls of the Wardance — the closest thing that the nomadic Wardancers of Athel Loren have to a home. As a result, the glades of Fyr Darric always resound to the sound of laughter, though much of it is mean-spirited. Every deception requires a victim, and the consequences can range from wounded pride to a slow death.[1a]

Never is this more true that at the Festivals of the Equinox, when captives are promised their freedom, if only they can slay a Wardancer in single combat. None succeed, of course, for the Devotees of Loec are peerless duellists. The true contest is not for the victim’s freedom, but to see how many wounds the Wardancer can inflict before his foe expires. Any captive who dies to fewer than a hundred cuts is thought to be poor sport indeed.[1a]

Source Edit

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