"My what big teet you have. The better eat the world."
—Garmr Gorewolf
Star of Chaos

Garmr Hrodvitnir was a Khornate Champion of Chaos

Garmr Hrodvitnir, also known as the Gorewolf, was one of the mightiest champions of the Blood God Khorne to walk the earth, and one of the few warriors to have matched Slayer Gotrek Gurnisson in battle. Garmr is a Chaos Lord from Norsca who has carved a mighty path of destruction from the heart of the far north, paved with the skulls of his enemies to reach Karak Kadrin in the Worlds Edge Mountains, where his road of skulls is meant to end. Garmr intended to raze the Slayer Keep to the ground, claim the skull of the Doom-Seeker (whom he knew as the One Eyed Dwarf) and thus open a gateway to the Realm of Chaos which would thus consume the entire Old World and turn it into an endless daemonic battlefield which would allow him to fully indulge his bloodlust. Alongside this mighty Champion walked a fearsome Slaughterbrute that Garmr had tamed with the use of ritual daggers.


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