Khornate Berserker

Egil Styrbjorn, wielding the twin axes Garmr and Gormr

Garmr and Gormr are the heirloom Daemon Weapons of the Skaeling clan of Strovengaard. The twin double-headed axes are holy artifacts of the Skaelings, having been forged by the daemon-smiths of Khorne at the god's own forge. The daemon-axes have been wielded by the High Jarls of Strovengaard since times immemorial, passed on through the ages from father to son. The axe-blades themselves are forged in the likeliness of howling wolves, reflecting the daemonic creatures in whose glory they are forged: Garmr and Gormr, the twin daemon-wolves who accompany the god Khorne on his wild hunts throughout the heavens. Twin stones the colour of blood are inlaid into the hafts of the axes, which flare to life with crimson fire when the axes drink of the blood of their enemies. Heavy with infernal magicks and bearing the trapped essences of ravenous Greater Daemons, these twin blades are weapons of truly fearsome power.

Currently, the mighty weapons are in the keeping of High Jarl Egil Styrbjorn; one of the most favoured champions of the Blood God Khorne. Styrbjorn attained the weapons after he defeated his father for leadership of the clan, hacking his head from his shoulders in order to speed his spirit's flight to the Halls of Khorne.


The daemonic wolves that Garmr and Gormr are forged in honour of are a clear reference to the wolves Freki and Geri; the twin wolves that are companions of the god Odin. Given the similarities between the Chaos God Khorne and the martial aspects of Odin (both are warrior-gods who represent violence and strength in war and who bestow berserker frenzy in battle), as well as the fact that the Norscans are based heavily on Viking Age Scandinavia, the connection is all the more obvious.

The names of the axes and the wolves themselves are also directly lifted from Norse mythology and the history of the Viking Age; being references to Garmr, the great blood-drenched hound who guards Helheim, and the legendary Danish king Gormr gamli, the first historically recognized king of Denmark, who reigned from 936 to 958 AD, respectively.


  • Knight of the Realm (Novel) by Anthony Reynolds

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