Gaves or Gave Children are Beastmen that were born from Human parents. Throughout the lands of the Empire and northwards, it is not uncommon for healthy Human parents to produce a Mutant child. Some try to conceal their baby’s deformities, but most feel such shame that they give them up to the forests and rivers, abandoning them to die from hunger or exposure. The Beastmen are keen for the whimpers of these lost children. Such foundlings are always adopted and reared with the rest of the herd, since the Beastmen regard these infants as gifts from their Gods. As they grow, they often become Gors, Ungors, or even Brays, but the rest of the herd do not apply the same stigma that they do others of their kind since they are holy (or, rather, unholy) gifts, and any Gave can rise high in Beastman society.[1a]


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