Cultist of Ranald 2

Known informally as the Givers of Coin, this sect within the Cult of Ranald is composed of altruistic, freedom-loving individuals with a strong sense of righting wrongs. They spend their time depriving the wealthy of their money to give to those that are lacking. Whilst the wealthy burghers and noble classes consider these cultists little more than brigands, they are beloved by the common folk. These cultists tend to live short lives, as the needs and plights of the downtrodden weigh heavier and heavier on their hearts, resorting in bolder actions that often lead to imprisonment or death. Most cultists of this sect desire to see the noble classes overthrown, replaced by collectives of people that treat each other with equality. The bulk of the Givers of Coin know this goal is mostly a dream, although it does create a few overly zealous individuals bent on the destruction of the very institutions that make up the Empire.[1a]


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