"There are spirits of the barn, the home, the tree, the stream. But some spirits have no names, no faces. So they take them from those who wander from the path."
—Baba Olna[1a]

Kislev is a haunted land, full of ghosts and spirits who long for nothing more than to walk amongst the living once again. Glimmers steal the images of those they encounter, living or dead, and then enter their lives. They prefer the dead because they thrive on strong emotion, and it removes the possibility of being exposed by the original. Those who have their image stolen suffer no adverse effects, and Glimmers are not inherently malicious. They simply wish to inhabit their host’s image as long as possible, and some will do anything to ensure that. Glimmers can be detected by shining fire in their eyes, which reflect the light as if from a mirror. Likewise, the sun gives away their nature as shimmering reflections, and they vanish at dawn to avoid this. Of course, in the north, the dawn may not come for weeks, and many a ghost story tells of the damage a long-staying Glimmer has done.[1a]

Source Edit

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