Goldworms feed upon precious metals in the same way as earthworms feed upon soil, secreting an extremely powerful digestive enzyme which enables them to consume their food. A single Goldworm will quickly multiply if provided with sufficient nourishment, as the same time transforming a chest full of gold, for example, into a chest of slimy, evil-smelling, worm-ridden mush. Each Goldworm consumes about one gold or silver coin per day and will produce another worm each day, if fully fed. Once no food remains, the Goldworms will move away in search of more precious metal. They can survive for about a day without food, typically travelling no more than 100 yards before they die. They move entirely at random, recognising food only on touch.[1a]

A Goldworm can reach about 6 inches in length and is usually bright gold in colour. In appearance, it looks much the same as a normal earthworm.[1a]


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