Golems are self-moving magical constructs. They are not truly intelligent, but they can respond well to different events within their remit. Thus, a warrior Golem is good in battle but cannot comprehend social interactions at all, while a servitor Golem would be an excellent servant but could not learn a new culture and might not even know to run away in battle.[1a]

The Golems that survive in ruins tend to be military and were usually designed to guard part of the complex. Non-military Golems are only found in undisturbed ruins; otherwise, previous explorers would have destroyed or stolen them. Military Golems in an explored complex probably destroyed the previous explorers. Golems disturb most inhabitants of the Old World, who tend to see them as creatures of Chaos. This is not entirely false, as they are powered by magic, but they are designed to work for others and can, therefore, be controlled.[1a]

Golems with non-military functions might also be threatening if they are hard to stop and the context has changed. For example, a Golem designed to keep a road clear might set about dismantling a village that has been built across its road. As Golems were designed to be controlled, each has a control method.[1a]

Controlling Golems Edit

If it was designed to take orders from only one individual, they cannot. Similarly, if it only takes orders in a dead language or from a set of enchanted signs that have been destroyed, then the Golem is beyond control by anyone living. This is a good choice for implacable, incomprehensible foes, though it must be possible to destroy them by other means.[1a]

Alternately, the control method might be difficult to use but still possible. Perhaps the commander needs to be wearing a particular uniform, or the enchanted signs survive but have been scattered across dangerous locations within the ruins. This is best used when commands are the only way to stop the Golem. If necessary, only the “halt” command might survive, so adventurers cannot take over the golem.[1a]

Source Edit

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